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Staunton | Augusta County and All Other Callers: 540-213-3633 
Harrisonburg | Rockingham Area Callers: 540-324-8114 | Charlottesville | Albemarle Area Callers: 434-202-3748


MOST INSURANCES ACCEPTED! UNINSURED ONLY $59We offer walk in urgent medical care 7-days a week as well as non-urgent medical care by appointment and walk in.

Day Star Medical Center offers:

Everyone & Businesses of ALL sizes Save Real Money when: 

  • Requiring Urgent Care and/or Injury Care and needing to see a Walk-In Doctor. 
    (non-life-threatening, Urgent, but non-emergency care, work-related or not)
  • Drug testing prospective new hires and current employees.
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  • Requiring DOT CDL Fitness for Duty Exam - BEST PRICE AVAILABLE - ONLY $59!
  • Requiring office procedures (EKG, Sutures, Casting, Pulmonary Function Testing, Hearing Test, etc.) avoiding the cost of overpriced, full-price medical care until you have paid off  your annual high-deductible.  That is, you can avoid paying full price for your medical care else where until your high deductible is met.  This will save you a large amount of your deductible barring a major medical catastrophe.  In which case, God forbid, your high deductible may be the least of your concerns.  Of course, we do provide receipts that you turn in to your insurance and will be applied to your high deductible.  Medical Insurance carriers provide HighStaunton VA Medical Weight Loss, Urgent Medical Care in Staunton VA, Staunton Family Medicine Deductible Plans in exchange for a reduced rate betting that your medical care never meets the deductible!  You are left with a dilemma of paying full price for medical care while probably never meeting your deductible barring a major medical catastrophe or paying our pay-as-you-go pricing for medical care and thereby saving a lot of money! It is that simple!
  • Requiring Business Medical Care, Occupational Health Care and Immediate Care.
  • Avoiding emergency care and long waits at the E.R. because you are uninsured.  (about 30% of the population)
  • Avoiding emergency care and the E.R. when your PCP can't fit you in.
  • Requiring general acute or on-going regular medical care  (exam, prescriptions & referrals, etc.) 
  • Paying only for what you need when you need it!    

"The most inexpensive out-patient care available for my employees & family!"
Chris Massoglia, DC of Chiropractic Consulting Services 

Staunton VA Medical Weight Loss |
Urgent Medical Care in Staunton VA |
Staunton Family Medicine

Important Messages for Businesses, Commercial Drivers needing DOT Physicals, Uninsured Patients and those who are Insured but have High Deductibles. 

To schedule a physician visit, please call (540) 213-3633, click here to have us contact you,  email Alice or walk in.

Give the gift of health!  Buy a doctor's visit for a loved one or friend.  $59 Gift Certificates are available here.  They never expire, and may be redeemed anytime without any redemption fee.   PayPal Verified and Secure. 


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Staunton VA Medical Weight Loss | Urgent Medical Care in Staunton VA | Staunton Family Medicine

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